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Bag with pocket for yoga mat

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Article: 3002
Supplier: Mayana

You can use this light, nice and water restitant bag in many ways.
Strong zippers with imitation leather straps.

A smart "pocket" with zippers at both ends so you can put your roll in, or shoes or something else that you want to differentiate from other things. A compartment also at the bottom where the shoes can also be placed.

 The bag contains a small sewn-on bag for quick access to a mobile phone, keys or wallet. 

Material 100% Polyester
Size: 40 * x 44 ** x 6.5 cm * The bag is 60 cm with a carrying strap **
When the bag is asymmetrical, the top edge is 44 cm and the bottom 32 cm. 

Wash instructions: Vacuum, wet dry or wash at 30 °, hanging dry. 

If you find it wrinkled, fill it with a pillow or wash it. But with use and filling, it gets better and better and soon your favorite going to the gym or yoga class.