About Mayana

When you do not really find what you want, you have to solve it yourself, so the idea was born with these rugs and yoga products. 

These rugs are self-designed in the best raw materials, where both the environment and the manufacture and choice of materials have been important. That all products are vegan and eco-friendly is a natural step in 2020. 

Mayana tips - Mat grip

A good grip is also something that is experienced differently from person to person. It can depend on everything from experience, technology, hand cream or how sweaty you get on your hands. However, what applies to most yoga mats is that they get a better grip after a period of use. Your yoga mat simply needs a little yoga. 

So give your yoga mat a little patience and love and it will give back the same.

Big BIG thanks to Photographer Helene Toresdotter, thank you for all the nice pictures <3