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Premium MAYANA yoga mat 5 mm

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Supplier: Mayana

This rug is made for you who want more out of your yoga. 

When you get the mat in your hands, you feel the quality, heavy stable reliable.
Elegantly, it lies completely flat and then it stays so for the whole class. 

With its surface, it means that you do not slip and can stay in your positions for as long as you wish.
Thin top layer of durable eco-friendly polyurethane transports away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a really good grip. Thick natural rubber underlay provides cushioning for your hands, feet and joints that are on the carpet. Free from latex.

Carved out guidelines such as the center line and angles that allow you to keep track of 90° and 45° angles during your workout if you want. Yoga mats givea  harmless scent when you open the package. Roll out your rug and air it for 2-3 days before use if it bothers you. 

 Wipe your carpet clean with warm soap water or a damped cloth after a sweaty class.
Let the carpet hang when it  air dries.
Keep in mind that the sun is strong for all materials, so do not forget or dry it in direct sunlight as it can fade and lose its anti-slip.

It is very important to always roll the carpet with the logo outwards, otherwise the carpet may become wrinkled.

 Material: polyurethane, natural rubber
Dimensions: 183 cm x 63 cm x 5 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg T
hickness: 5 mm
Color: Black with carved pattern

Black carrying strap included! 

Mayana tips -  a good grip is also something that is experienced differently from person to person. It can depend on everything from experience, technology, hand cream or how sweaty your hands become. However, what applies to most yoga mats is that they get a better grip after a period of use. Your yoga mat simply needs a little yoga.

So give your yoga mat a little patience and love.