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Yogamat DIVERSITY - special edition

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Supplier: Mayana

Photo: Helene Toresdotter The picture was part of a collaboration between Helene Toresdotter & maxjenny! when they participated in an exhibition on biodiversity. 
In this collaboration, 5% of the income goes to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation 

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This luxurious and unique rug with a sea of insects is soft as the finest suede, 4 mm thick to protect knees, elbows and joints. 

It slides out over the floor and lies flat in place without slipping away. 

The carpet is anti-slip but needs to be a little damp to achieve optimal results. So great for hot yoga or hot summer days. If it's not natural, moisten with water and rub a little like that, voila! and you stop sliding. 

Thin top layer of durable vegan suede that transports away sweat and absorbs moisture to help you get a really good grip. Thick natural rubber underlay provides cushioning for your hands, feet and joints that are on the carpet. Which also makes it very comfortable on a calmer Yinyoga session. 

Yoga mats give off a clear but harmless scent when you open the package. Roll out your rug and air for 2-3 days before use if it bothers you. 

Material: Vegan suede, eco-friendly natural rubber. 

Free from latex.
Dimensions: 183 cm x 63 cm x 4 mm 

Weight: 2.3 kg 

Thickness: 4 mm 

Color: Patterned 

Black carrying strap included! 

Care: Vacuum or wipe your carpet clean with lukewarm soapy water or a damp cloth after a sweaty class. Let the carpet hang dry. Can also be machine washed, fine wash 30 °, without fabric softener. 
Remember that the sun is strong for all materials, so do not forget or dry it in direct sunlight as it can fade and lose its anti-slip. 

Mayana tips - carpet grip 
A good grip is also something that is experienced differently from person to person. It can depend on everything from experience, technology, hand cream or how sweaty your hands become. However, what applies to most yoga mats is that they get a better grip after a period of use. Your yoga mat simply needs a little yoga. So give your yoga mat a little patience and love.