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Carry bag for yoga mat

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Article: 3003
Supplier: Mayana

This pretty bag is sewn so the roller leans nicely behind your shoulder. 

Like Mayana's other bags, it is water resitent but in a real canvas fabric

 There is an outer open pocket that is marked with a nice edge in gold and dark blue.
In this pocket there is a smaller pocket with a zipper where you can store keys, mobile phone, wallet or anything else you want to keep track of. 

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 35 * x 34 ** cm * 87 cm full length, can not be adjusted. ** Ø18 cm at the bottom. 

wash instructions: Vacuum, shake, tap or wash at 30 °, without rinse aid. Hang dry or tumble dry gently. Avoid drying in direct sunlight as the fabric may bleach.